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UnitedLTC is an industry leader in the long term care insurance marketplace.  As a member of the prestigious National Long Term Care Network, we have unique access to the best insurance carriers and product offerings.  Our staff of long term care professionals and specialists is well equipped assist your association in bringing a superior long term care offering to your members.  We have the experience needed to handle a large group, such as yours.  For example, we currently provide long term care benefits to the South Carolina State Employees Association, The South Carolina Association of School Administrators, the South Carolina Dental Association, and the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants, to name a few.

The Importance of a Meaningful Long Term Care Benefit

Long term care insurance is a vital part of any comprehensive health insurance or retirement plan.  Over 70% of us will need long term care services sometime in our lifetime. In South Carolina, the average cost of a private nursing home is in excess of $82,000 and home care is in excess of $43,000 annually. Over one half of individuals who enter a nursing home will stay there for up to 5 years.  This is a very real expense and without long term care insurance coverage, we are left to cope with this expense on their own, draining savings and assets in the process.  A  long term care event can burden family members as well, both financially and emotionally.

How We Promote Our Plan Through Your Association

Each association that we work with has different guidelines for promoting benefits to their membership.  We work closely with association staff members to ensure that our message is consistent with your guidelines  and has been approved prior to distribution. Typically associations will announce the new affinity partnership and benefits to its membership. We usually encourage a direct mail piece for this.  We design the piece, in conjunction with your association, and then absorb all costs associated with the mailing. Usually, we like to send a direct mail piece at least twice a year and emails at least quarterly. Most associations allow us to email directly to their members after approving the email message and frequency.  Some associations prefer to include our email message as part of a newsletter or something similar that they distribute regularly,  and we are comfortable with that. Typically associations will also put our logo and a link to our website on the association website.  We also diligently attend your sponsored conferences, seminars, and conventions, if and when the opportunities present themselves. 


A long term care plan would substantially elevate your already robust benefit offerings and would create a comprehensive health insurance offering for your members.  As an expert in the industry, we can guide you every step of the way and ensure that you offer the most complete and affordable program for your members, because your members deserve the best .

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Long term care insurance is a vital part of a well balanced retirement plan

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The Association Long Term Care Insurance Plan Offered by UnitedLTC

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We work with all the top companies...

 Advantages of an Association Long Term Care Plan with UnitedLTC

 Association group discount with no minimum participation requirements.  This association group discount would be exclusive to association members and would be offered through multiple carriers.

  • Discounts for married couples and domestic partners
  • Discount for preferred health.
  • Access to long term care experts and multiple carriers to ensure the best plan at the best price with superior service.
  • Ability for family members (parents, in-laws, children, siblings, and grandparents) to access the association’s plan and discounts.
  • Exemplary customer service ensures your members are supremely satisfied.


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